You know better than anyone
what will actually work for you.
Joseph can help you draw it out.
Name It
voice what’s bouncing around in your head
Unpack It
surface assumptions and internal tensions
Surface Options
consider how you can restore peace of mind
Make a PLan
set the conditions to help you follow through
scroll down
With formal training from the CCA, Joseph has technical proficiency in the art of asking pointed questions that cut to the heart of the matter, without any agenda but to help you set and achieve your goals on your terms.
As a coach, Joseph’s style is casual yet direct, creating a space that feels safe, enough so to voice even the most unfamiliar and uncomfortable thoughts without judgment.
In addition to relying on good questions, Joseph uses real-time sketching (if virtual, screen-sharing) to help untangle messy ideas or work through canvases together. These also make great takeaways for reflection.
Finally, as a designer, Joseph enjoys working with his clients on their personal websites – from concept through launch –which can serve as a powerful yet practical vehicle for exploring questions of identity and letting oneself be seen.